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Wood-line is the ideal partner to make your project become reality.

With carefully selected timber species, which guarantee quality material beyond reproach, and unequal product longevity, our design office will make sure your project becomes a reality Wood-line makes your dreams of clear water and natural wood come true.

Our exotic timbers can be supplied in two ways:

  • either by the standard metre
  • or pre-cut pieces in advance, available on quotation. We have a permanent stock of different exotic timber species, which can be cut according to the dimensions and cross-cuts required.

The species and sections on hand are subject to availability.

We mainly use IROKO, IPE, GARAPA and ITAUBA timber species.

Cuttings: 21x145, 21x140, 21x100.
The IROKO for pool edges comes in 35x265.
We also have TREATED PINE (28x175) and IPE slab (50x50 and 100x100) in stock.



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