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A passion passed on from generation to generation since 1920

A culture of innovation, the search for perfection
Over the years, the industrially managed manufacturing process, which respects the traditional manufacturing methods, has been refined through exclusive innovations, which have resulted in many patents being registered. Today, Wood-line offers its clients a complete range of original and fancy products: swimming pools, terraces, garden sheds, pavilions, cottages, garages, etc… Each Wood-Line creation receives the same attention since 1920!

Rigorous tracking and meticulously controlled origin
All the timbers used in our constructions come from Norway pines, in the Nordic forests. Redwood grows at the 57th parallel north. It is characterised by its slow growth, a strong mechanical resistance and is particularly impregnable in an autoclave. Your construction is, therefore, guaranteed for more than a generation! Multiple origin tests by the sawmills, meticulous species selection, tracking requirements… commitment to an active environment protection policy, we ensure that our northern timbers come from sustainably managed cultivated forests.

Timber above the 57th parallel from Finland, Norway, Sweden or Russia is designated northern timber.

Why choose northern timber?

In wood-using countries, these timber have gained their reputation because of three reasons:

  • The intrinsic quality of the trees, which grow in very harsh climates (slow growth = strong density = better quality).
  • The quality of the sawn timber and their conditioning, due to the Nordic sawmill techniques, which, to date, are the most advanced worldwide.
  • The marketing of these timbers, which is based on a long tradition of seriousness and integrity. Each great sawmill delivers its constant “usual quality”, which means the buyers are sure of the products they receive. Respecting contracts is one of the basics in trading northern timber.

A range of techniques and solutions to satisfy everyone’s needs
According to your taste and budget, Wood-line offers you a range of solutions adapted to your needs.

Wood-Line … swimming pools-universe creators

A dream of clear water
and natural wood ...

For three generations, our company has been working and transforming wood, and promoting it through various products: wooden swimming pools in exotic northern pine, pool decks and terraces in exotic timber, pool houses/garden sheds, summer pavilions, garden sheds, etc. Standard models, original shapes or custom-built designs and professional teams that rise to any challenge.


So, regardless of how your home is built, Wood-line will know how to meet your needs, and will provide you with a creative and personalised project.



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